trying to break my art block with some madohomus. :|
retro-reality: Hii! Hope you're having a good day! :) 27, 36, 44?

27. been to a professional sports game?

Yeah! Baseball and Basketball!

36. had a crush on someone of the same sex?

Well, y-yeah, I like both girls and boys… I’ve had a crush on 3 girls!

44. met someone famous?

Just answered - only anime voice actors, really!

Anonymous: 34, 44, 46!

34. stayed up for 24 hours or more?

Answered earlier - nope!

44. met someone famous?

Do anime voice actors count? Ehehe… 

46. been on a boat?

Yup! I love how relaxing it is to feel waves pass under the boat, ahhh…~

Anonymous: 23, 29, 48

23. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours?

Yup! I live in Chicago, and my grandparent’s used to live in South Carolina - it was a 13 hour drive! There’s also my aunt and uncle, who live about 6 hours away in Michigan.

29. been unhappy about my weight?

Yeah! Recently, I’ve been a little bummed about gaining a little weight over the summer… but I started working out, so I’ve lost most of it!

48. prank called someone?

Not personally - but within a group, yes! It was waaay back in 8th grade, hehe. I don’t remember much about the actual call, but my friend wasn’t convincing at all! ;p

the-legend-of-ariel: You are so sweet and adorable, I just want to give you a big hug!

Hugs for you~!

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marieseuhans: 50 ~ 43 ~ 5 c:

5. kissed a boy?

Not yet! Still haven’t had my first kiss. u/////u

43. dyed my hair?

I get my hair lightened with highlights - but no, never a full dye job!

50. been suspended from school?

Nope! I’m a pretty good student (most of the time)!

legendarystickman: 2, 4, 13!

2. bought condoms?

Nope! Never even seen one in real life… /////

4. failed a class?

Haha, no way! I might be blonde, but I can pass a class or two! ;p

13. smoked cigarettes?

Never! I wouldn’t dream of doing so - it’s so bad for your health…

the-legend-of-ariel: 20, 22, 35 ♥

20. kissed in the rain?

Ahh, no… b-but it’d be lovely! We just had a nice little thunderstorm in Chicago this afternoon, which would have been perfect for the occasion… //////

22. been outside my home country?

Yup! I was in Canada for less than a day, haha! I was so young, so I barely remember it…

35. been to a concert?

Do video game orchestra concerts count…~?

Anonymous: 12,15,24

12. smoked weed?

Nope, never! I’ve never even seen it in real life. 

15. drank alcohol?

Yes! But a lot of the weaker kind, hehe! I’ve never gotten drunk before, though…

24. had lice?

Ohhh, yes. In kindergarden. A girl on my bus had it, and soon enough, everyone on that dreaded vehicle had it… it was awful! So gross!

Anonymous: 6? 9?

6. kissed a girl?

No… but goodness, I wish! /////

9. bullied someone on the internet?

Nope. I’ve never had the stomach to do that…