Happy Valentines day, Love! <3

With clear intention burning in his emerald eyes, the Demon Lord Ghirahim sauntered forth from the darkness, his lips split into a smirk—though, where his smirks were usually cruel and indifferent, this one was….sly. Seductive. Long, gloved fingertips graze over your lips and then once down your neck as he leans in close, his eyes burning holes into your own with the intensity of his adoration.

"Oh my darling Brynna,"

He coos and you feel your heart skip a beat in your chest,

"I’ve come to take what rightfully belongs to me."

You gasp before his lips are crashing onto yours, and you, dizzy with this sudden sign of affection, kiss back with as much passion, feeling your heart soar as you do so.

As he leans back to whisper in your ear, you lean your head back, submitting your neck to him…

"My palms are sweaty, my arms weak, my knees, spaghetti."

You stop, stare, and Ghirahim does a backflip out a window and turns into a rainbow before your very eyes.

Happy Valentines day.

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8 notes
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